I love to echo structures and processes from nature in my art, from the mathematical basis for a spiral shell to the chemistry of leaf prints on pavements.

I find the alchemy of transforming fluffy sheep’s fleece into a robust felt sculpture or using natural materials that would otherwise end up on the compost heap endlessly fascinating.

Living in a city offers plenty of opportunities to observe the interaction between urban life and nature, providing inspiration and sometimes materials for my practice. So as well as growing Japanese indigo plants in my garden, I use common weeds and leaves gathered from parks and pavements to create delicate marks on fabric, and turn other natural materials into organic forms using basketry techniques.

Nature is often ephemeral, but I relish trying to capture its essence in more permanent form in my work. I use various techniques for this: my favourites are wet felting, natural dyeing and basketry.

My pieces are not large, but they are perfect for bringing a little natural detail into modern lives.